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The Medical Exam

The initial visit is for the purpose of the medical exam. It is a targeted exam and interview which must be done in person per USCIS requirements. You are an applicant, not a patient and there is no confidentiality from the USCIS.

The following items should be brought to the interview:

  1. A valid government issued photo

2. Form I-693 with pages 1-2 completed but not signed. A pdf copy works best.

3.Any Medical records that you have

4.Your Vaccine records

5. Form of payment: Credit/debit card, Zelle, cash.


Required Lab Tests

For all applicants 15 years and older the following lab tests are required:

  1. IGRA test for tuberculosis of which there are 2 options: a)Quantiferon TB gold plus or b)T-spot. The quantiferon tb gold plus is more widely availableand is our default option
  2. Syphilis – our default is an RPR test with reflex titer
  3. Gonorrhoeae ( urine)

For applicants 2-14 years an IGRA test for tb only is required

Abnormal initial test results lead to further testing and possibly treatment.


Required vaccine

Vaccine requirements are by age, occupation, lifestyle, and state of health. Please bring your vaccine record to your medical exam so it can be reviewed.

As of April 21, the covid-19 vaccine required became easier. The USCIS will now accept one dose of bivalent Moderna or bivalent Pfizer as a complete series.

At the end of the process when you have satisfied the requirements. Form I-693 will be completed and given to you. The best case scenario is 3-4 days if all results are normal. Most people take 1-2 weeks.

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