The Immigration Doc

Our Process

There are 3 steps to obtaining the signed sealed envelope:

The physical Exam

Contact your chosen civil surgeon to book an appointment – the contact information is posted by the USCIS here.

Bring the following items to the interview:

a) Valid government issued ID

b) Pages 1&2 of form I693 filled out but not signed

c) Vaccine records (including covid-19)

d) any other medical record that you have

e) form of payment

The Required Blood tests

We use Quest Diagnostics for our required testing,

 Results typically require 2-4 days to be reported

0-3 of the following tests are required depending on age:

Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Gonorrhoeae

 These tests cannot be done before the medical exam.

The required vaccines

Please discuss vaccine requirements at your medical exam prior to getting additional vaccines.

4 other medical records if available: 

of particular interest are

 a) positive lab tests for Tuberculosis, Syphilis, gonorrhoeae

 b) prior chest X-rays

 c) Evidence of immunity to varicella, Hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella

 d) Diagnosis and treatment for Shingles, chicken pox, tuberculosis, Syphilis, gonorrhoeae

At the end of the process when you have satisfied the requirements. Form I-693 will be completed and given to you. The best case scenario is 3-4 days if all results are normal. Most people take 1-2 weeks.